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If you are considering a logbook loan, reviews of the companies that provide them are essential reading. There are a number of different logbook lenders, all with different interest rates, services and approaches to customers.  Google always tries to list the best companies first, but reading reviews before applying is another great way to figure out whether the company is for you. How do their customers rate them? How many stars do they have on review services such as TrustPilot? Are all of the reviews genuine?

Answering questions like this help you decide from whom you should take your logbook loan – reviews from customers are the perfect way to do so. Most companies out there post reviews on their websites, however, as a consumer, it can be difficult to decide whether they are genuine or not. Services such as TrustPilot are independent and companies can only affect the quality of their reviews by the service they provide.

Naturally, no one EVER receives 100% good reviews (at least, not if the reviews are actually genuine!) but it is important to make sure that the good reviews outweigh the bad, especially with reviews of log book loan companies, and that the factors that are important to you are all reviewed positively (or mostly positively!) by the reviewers.

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