Photographing Your Documents

Photographing Your Documents

If you need to send us pictures of any documents it is important that the images we receive are clear and readable – here are some tips to help you.

The Basics…

• Take your photo in a well lit room – the more light there is, the clearer the photo will be.

• Using a flash? Make sure it doesn’t reflect off the document and make it hard to read.

• Keep a steady hand – if things are a little shaky, rest your phone on something solid.

Step 1: Get the whole document in the shot…

You must make sure the entire document fits in the photo to avoid missing important details. Zoom-in as close as possible but without chopping-off the edges:

V5 Logbook Protrait Format

Step 2: Hold your phone the right way round…

In order to make sure that the pictures you take allow the document to be read as easily as possible it is really important that you hold your phone to match the document…

‘Portrait’ Format Documents:

If the document is “portrait format” (like proof of address letters and bank statements), hold your phone in portrait format (“upright”) when you take the picture:

Proof of Address Portait Format


‘Landscape’ Format Documents:

If the document is “landscape format” (like a driving licence or wage slip), hold your phone in landscape format (“on its side”):

Driving licence photo landscape format

Tip: If you are using a camera phone, simply rotate the phone into the correct format and the phone should adjust automatically.

Step 3: Emailing or texting your photos…

If you email or text your images using a smartphone, the phone may ask whether you would like to send small, medium, large or actual size images – it is important that you select “large” or ideally “actual size” otherwise the images will be too small for us to use and you will need to resend a larger image, potentially delaying your loan:

Select Large or Actual size images

If you prefer, you can scan your documents with this free, easy-to-use scanning app.

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