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CBI: UK set for economic growth in 2013-14

Posted on Thursday, 14th February, 2013 by Mobile Money

British manufacturing companies are likely to see a return to growth across the country's business sector this year, according to a new report from the CBI. The business lobbying organisation has published its latest economic forecast, which predicts that the UK economy will experience modest growth in 2013, with the pace of expansion quickening in 2014. GDP growth of one per cent has been for...Continue Reading

One-fifth of Brits ‘still facing debts from Christmas 2011′

Posted on Tuesday, 15th January, 2013 by Mobile Money

More Britons could be persuaded to investigate the benefits of a logbook loan this month following a new study revealing that many people are currently dealing with two Christmases’ worth of financial debt. A survey carried out by price comparison site has revealed that almost one in five consumers – 17 per cent – have yet to pay off debt from Christmas 2011, without ...Continue Reading

Economic woes ‘impacting Britons’ quality of life’

Posted on Monday, 17th December, 2012 by Mobile Money

New figures from Eurostat have indicated that the UK’s ongoing economic struggles are having a real effect on living standards. According to the European Union’s statistical body, Britain has dropped two places in the latest league table for quality of life. The country now lies in sixth place, having been overtaken by Austria and Germany. Eurostat reported that the top three European ...Continue Reading

Parents struggling to find cash to fulfil kids Christmas wishes

Posted on Thursday, 13th December, 2012 by Mobile Money

More UK parents could consider taking out a logbook loan this Christmas to ensure they are able to cope with the increasingly high cost of shopping for their kids. Research from The Co-operative Insurance has shown that the average child’s Christmas wish list is worth £467, more than £300 higher than the median amount of £134 spent by parents when purchasing gifts for their youngsters. Th...Continue Reading

Britons ‘spend a year’s salary on Christmas in their lives’

Posted on Tuesday, 11th December, 2012 by Mobile Money

According to a survey from the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and MoneySupermarket, the average person will spend a total of £20,072 on Christmas over their working life, or the equivalent to an entire year’s gross salary. This year, individuals plan to spend an average of £445 on seasonal expenses, up from £437 in 2011, with people between the ages of 35 and 54 the most likely ...Continue Reading

Bad credit ratings ‘will lead to mortgage fraud surge in 2013′

Posted on Wednesday, 5th December, 2012 by Mobile Money

The current economic downturn is leading people with bad credit ratings to extreme lengths in order to get access to funding, according to a new report. Analysis from Experian has predicted a significant rise in levels of mortgage fraud in 2013, with 43 out of every 10,000 applications expected to be identified as fraudulent next year. This would represent a 13 per cent rise on 2012 figures and a ...Continue Reading

Household spending costs on the rise in 2011

Posted on Tuesday, 4th December, 2012 by Mobile Money

The financial pressures faced by people across the UK have been underlined once again by new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which have shown a rise in average household costs. According to the latest Family Spending report, average UK weekly expenditure rose to £483.60 in 2011, which represents an increase of £10 on 2010 and marks the highest level ever recorded in this a...Continue Reading

How to make your christmas budget planning easier

Posted on Monday, 3rd December, 2012 by Mobile Money

  Christmas may be one of the happiest and most magical times of the year, but for families across the UK, it can also be one of the most expensive. With presents, decorations, food and drink all on the shopping list, many Britons frequently spend hundreds of pounds to make their festive celebrations as memorable as possible – but this brings with it a growing risk of facing a major fin...Continue Reading

The recovery of the car finance industry

Posted on Friday, 23rd November, 2012 by Mobile Money

It’s no secret that the finance world was completely shaken with the recession that hit in 2008. Lenders instantly became stricter with their lending criteria and the era of easily borrowing money at low rates ended. Four years later and the financial markets have changed the way they work forever. In this new era, the banks have had to tighten the way they operate. The way they lend money to co...Continue Reading

Around 2.5m UK households struggling with finances, study shows

Posted on Thursday, 22nd November, 2012 by Mobile Money

Legal & General has published its latest MoneyMood Survey, revealing that the number of households that say they are currently struggling – in terms of lacking income to pay bills – currently stands at around 2.5 million. This is around the same level recorded in last year’s survey and around 300,000 higher than in 2010, before the double-dip recession kicked in. Very few hom...Continue Reading
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