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The Heads and Tales of Global Banknotes

Posted on Wednesday, 9th September, 2015 by Mobile Money

  ‘Money makes the world go round’, is a lyric from the musical ‘Cabaret’, made famous on Broadway and by Lisa Minelli in the film version. It does ring true however; money kind of does make the world go round (well actually it’s because of inertia and collapsed hydrogen’s angular momentum, but you get the gist). Money is exchanged around the world constantly for goods, services, ...Continue Reading

The World’s Most Successful Names

Posted on Thursday, 13th August, 2015 by Mobile Money

As the Paul McCartney once sang: ‘Money can’t buy me love.’ But did you also know that money can be used to purchase yachts, football teams and islands? These things won’t give you the same fuzzy feeling inside that love does, but marshmallows will; another thing that money can buy. Mobile Money understands that sometimes money can be tight, and we can’t all enjoy marshmallows on our yac...Continue Reading

Money Makes the Worlds Go Round

Posted on Monday, 29th June, 2015 by Mobile Money

Ever wondered how much a sandwich would cost you in Westeros? Or how much a pint would set you back in the leaky cauldron? Well now you can find out with our handy infographic! We have looked at some of the most interesting and famous examples of fictitious currencies in films, tv, games and literature. Not just to find out some interesting facts about them but to compare the currency with that of...Continue Reading

Why you should haggle for money-off

Posted on Monday, 19th May, 2014 by Mobile Money

In Western society, haggling or negotiating is only okay in certain situations. It’s considered okay when purchasing a car, shopping at a market, or buying art or an antique. But it’s inappropriate to haggle for money-off at a department store, supermarket or hairdressers. In the worst recession since the 30’s, what’s wrong with asking the question – ‘can you do me a better deal on...Continue Reading

Small Business Funding: an overview

Posted on Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014 by Mobile Money

If you’re looking to start or grow your small business…hats off to you. Mobile Money has put together a brief guide on what funding options are available, to help you get your new project off the ground. Government assistance There is a diverse range of schemes available to help start-up businesses in England. Currently, there are 85 different options. Here are 3 of the most utilised: Start-up...Continue Reading

What to do if your Rent’s Overdue

Posted on Wednesday, 26th February, 2014 by Mobile Money

The cost of housing in England has risen by 2.8% since 2011. Tenants in the UK now pay an average of £743 a month to keep a roof over their heads. In London, this figure is £1,126 per month. Coupled with the extreme increases in utilities, record numbers of people are struggling to cope. The latest figures from LSL Property have revealed that a shocking 67,000 tenants are more than 2 months behi...Continue Reading

Big ideas to give you more financial freedom in 2014

Posted on Monday, 20th January, 2014 by Mobile Money

Financial freedom is something we all desire. It doesn’t necessarily mean being super-wealthy, having a massive income, or a collecting a huge pension. It’s more about being free of financial constraints, responsibilities, and worries. Mobile Money have put together some ideas and suggestions to get you on path to freedom in 2014. Move house Downsizing is a great way to achieve more freedom an...Continue Reading

How to Cope with Unexpected Dents in your Finances

Posted on Thursday, 2nd January, 2014 by Mobile Money

In life, things happen that we simply cannot predict, leaving even the most meticulous money-managers completely off balance.  Whether its car repairs, a high phone bill, a new fridge freezer or even emergency dental care – getting back on track after a sudden blow to your bank account can be difficult. If you struggle to pay unexpected costs, you’re not alone.  In 2013, The Office for N...Continue Reading

5 Internet Business Ideas to Boost your Income

Posted on Friday, 27th December, 2013 by Mobile Money

Do you need to boost your income, but want something you can do from home? Here are Mobile Money’s top 5 ways you can make money on the internet. Create something Make your own product – whether its wall art, jewellery, furniture, or food. Handmade items are the best way to go…you’re creating something totally unique, rather than reselling something that 100s of others are doing too. E...Continue Reading

Affordable New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas

Posted on Thursday, 26th December, 2013 by Mobile Money

New Year’s Eve is the most expensive night out of the year.  It’s no surprise that 10 million Brits stay indoors, the majority tucked up in bed before 11pm.  Last year, a poll by The Telegraph revealed that 22 per cent of us simply cannot afford to go out and paint the town red.  And one fifth strongly begrudge paying the extortionate prices. Mobile Money would like to wish you a happy and ...Continue Reading

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