Online Logbook Loans

Online Logbook Loans

Get £500 to £25,000 from 18 to 48 months at 189.9% APR

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One of the quickest ways to find loans that can be secured using the V5 document of your car or vehicle is to search the web. The internet enables us to access nearly all of the information we ever need, almost anywhere, with just a simple click or tap now that the web is accessible via the vast majority of smartphones. More and more people are choosing to search the internet for logbook loans online via their mobile / smartphone and as lenders’ websites become better suited to mobile browsers, the initial application process can often be carried out entirely via the web from your phone.

That’s not to say that people no longer use their desktop computers or laptops to search the web to get a loan – the split between smartphone / tablet and desktop browsers is still around 50 / 50 and many people prefer the often faster processing speeds and larger screen sizes of laptops or desktop pc’s. There are many different phrases used by people to search the internet for the best loans online. Such search phrases will usually return many different websites offering online applications but remember that the most responsible lenders will always speak to you in person before they allow you to borrow money even though you may have applied online initially.

For anyone wishing to apply online then the Mobile Money website is a great place to start – our easy-to-use application form requires some basic contact details and a note of how much money you want to borrow. Once we have received your initial web-application one of our friendly team will contact you in person to discuss your borrowing needs fully and to ensure that any loan we provide is both affordable and suitable.

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189.9% APR Representative

If you borrow £1,000 over 18 months at an interest rate of 111.3% per annum (fixed)

you will make 18 monthly payments of £116.31 with a total amount payable of £2093.58.