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Logbook Loans for Vans

Van Logbook Loans: Get your cash faster!

Van logbook loans can be a great way to get money fast. Depending on your circumstances and the affordability and suitability of the loan you can usually borrow from £200 to £50,000 in less than an hour using your van / vehicle as security – we can even pay the loan in cash if you prefer. Simply apply online here or call us and once a loan has been approved you just need to drop off your logbook to your local branch, provide some details and then drive away with your money.

What sort of Vans can be used as security on a loan?

There are many different types of van out there such as Luton Vans, Panel Vans, Curtain-Siders and vans derived from cars like the Volkswagen Caddy.

The most important factors when securing a loan are your circumstances and the loan’s affordability and suitability along with the age, value and condition of the vehicle. We are happy to consider all types of van so whether it’s a Ford transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Beavertail / Dovetail or a Crew Van get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

How do logbook loans on vans work?

Put simply, we use your van / vehicle as security and hold your logbook (V5).

You keep your van / vehicle whilst you are repaying your loan – this is known as a “Bill of Sale”.

You’ll be set up with instalment payments & we’ll hold onto your logbook and MOT certificate until your logbook loan has been repaid. Then we will return your documents to you. Your logbook loan can be arranged for up to 36 months to repay.

Before we agree to a loan, we make a considered decision about each and every application on its own merits so we can be completely sure that you will be able to sustain the repayments of your logbook loan.

Remember: you may have your van / vehicle repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a loan secured on it .

Here at Mobile Money Limited we always treat every applicant for a loan secured on their Van as an individual and we always have our customers’ best interests at the very heart of everything we do.

How can van logbook loans help?

Your van is often the second most expensive item you own. Why not make it work that bit harder? If you’re struggling to find a same day loan that’s right for you, or would like to unlock the value of your assets by applying for one of our logbook loans, contact us now for more information or browse our website for further details.

Are you eligible for a logbook loan?

  • Your Van should be clear or nearly clear of finance
  • You must be the legal owner of the vehicle
  • You must be aged 18 years or over
  • You must reside in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

Who can we lend to?

As a responsible lender we assess every loan application on its individual merits – it is our aim to ensure that we only provide loans that are affordable and suitable. If we cannot achieve this for you then we will not recommend proceeding with your logbook loan.

This focus on suitability and affordability allows us to potentially help you if…

  • You are self employed
  • You have been refused a loan elsewhere
  • You have a poor credit history

What will you need to bring with you?

  • We need to see your Van – don’t worry, if you can’t get to a branch, we can come to you!
  • The logbook (V5) and MOT
  • Insurance details
  • Evidence of your income and identity
  • A couple of recent letters or bills

We will cover all of this with you before you come in and we will make the logbook loans process as simple as possible for you – we’re here to help so as long as we can find you a suitably affordable loan secured on your van, you can get your cash today.


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