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Using your car as security can save you money compared to some other forms of borrowing.

Compare the interest rates of some logbook lenders:


189.9%REP APR Fixed PA
  • If you borrow: £1,000
  • over 12 Months
  • Varooma charge 209.49% Apr!
  • This means that:
  • You pay just £145.83 per month
  • and repay £1,749.96 of total credit


204.2%REP APR Fixed PA
  • If you borrow: £1000
  • over 36 Months
  • LoanOnYourCar charge 204.2% Apr.
  • This means that:
  • You pay £97.98 per month
  • and repay £3,660 of total credit


230.7%REP APR Fixed PA
  • If you borrow: £1,000
  • over 36 Months
  • CarCashpoint charge 230.7% Apr.
  • This means that:
  • You pay £24.87 per week
  • and repay £2,880 of total credit

*All figures correct as of December 2019. Car Cash Point figures based on their advertised rate of 230.70% APR Rep.

Mobile Money is a broker not a lender. We have a panel of logbook lenders who may pay us a small commission for introducing you to them.

442.66% APR Representative: If you borrow £1300 over 18 months at a flat rate of 120% per annum (fixed) you will make 77 weekly payments of £46.67 and 1 payment of £46.41, with a total amount payable of £3,640.00

Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. Your vehicle may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your loan. For help, go to or

Here are some more reasons why people choose Mobile Money to find their logbook loans:

UK’s longest established logbook lender:

We are the longest established cash logbook loan company, with over 20 years’ experience so you know we know what we’re doing!


We’re a member of the CCTA:

Consumer Credit Trade Association requires all members who are logbook lenders to sign up to its Code of Practice. Always make sure your logbook lender is a member of the CCTA so you can be sure of fair treatment from a responsible lender.

You get a fixed, low rate of interest:

The interest rate will be set for the life of your loan so you always know exactly where you are.

Getting you a great deal:

Even though we no longer lend our own money, we did so for over 20 years, so you know we can help you find the very best logbook loan from our panel of lenders.

No jargon or paperwork:

We use straightforward, easy to understand language at all times and will complete all of the paperwork for you – all you need to do is sign!

All applications are dealt with individually:

We handle every application on an individual basis because each applicant’s circumstances are unique. If you do not qualify for a logbook loan, we will try and help you find and alternative loan option.

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